5 E-Commerce Fulfillment Issues To Avoid

5 E-Commerce Fulfillment Issues To Avoid

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  • 01/01/2021

With an increasing number of businesses turning to e-commerce in the 21st century, a whole range of fulfillment issues has popped up. Undoubtedly, it can be hard to manage every aspect of the process inhouse, which is why many businesses have outsourced these efforts. Not only does it free up time to focus on more important aspects of operations, they can enjoy peace of mind that their order fulfillments are in safe hands. In this article, we share with you some common issues and how to avoid them.

5 E-Commerce Fulfillment Issues To Avoid

Poorly Managed Inventory

When a customer orders an item, they expect to receive it within a stipulated time. If you realize that you are actually out of that item or cannot locate it after an order is placed, you will need to issue refunds and incentives to retain customers. That can end up costing a lot and does not guarantee that your reputation will be salvaged. To avoid this issue, create an inventory management strategy where every item is tracked and automatically updated on your website.

Lack of International Shipping Options

While international customers do not expect to receive their goods immediately, there’s a limit to how long they can wait. Offer them a range of shipping options where they can top up to receive their items sooner; you may be surprised at how many are willing to pay. If you are getting frequent orders from any particular country, you may want to consider working out a bulk shipping rate with your carrier.

No Shipping Notifications

The fact is that many customers check their parcel’s location obsessively, sometimes multiple times a day. You may think a notification is unnecessary if it’s due to arrive in a day or two, but if there is none, customers may be unsure if their parcel has indeed shipped, resulting in unnecessary calls to customer service. 

Poor Customer Service

What happens when items are lost or damaged? The first thing customers will do is contact customer service. Hence, you will want to ensure that your team is contactable around the clock, especially if you serve a global customer base.

Return or Refund Policy Is Not Customer-Friendly

No matter how careful you are, it is inevitable that a small number of parcels may get lost or damaged during the transit process. Buying shipping insurance can go a long way in minimizing your losses. In addition, offer customers free returns or refunds. It is a small price to pay for keeping customers satisfied and retaining them for future purchases.

E-Commerce Fulfillment Solutions for Your Business

Regardless of which stage of the e-commerce fulfillment process you are struggling with, Best Inc. can help. Or if you need an all-rounded solution from warehouse storage to label printing and shipping expertise, we are able to provide solutions for all e-commerce fulfilment related problems. When you engage our services at Best Inc., you benefit from the knowledge and firsthand experience of professional supply chain and technology experts.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or would like a custom fulfilment quote.