Omni-Channel Retailing Is Taking Over

Omni-Channel Retailing Is Taking Over

  • Avatar photo by Best Inc.
  • 10/09/2020

The shopping experience has evolved so much over the years that young people today have completely different expectations from their parents and grandparents. In fact, a Facebook study on shopping preferences has revealed that only 9.6% of Gen Z respondents report buying something in store, a huge difference from the older generations!

Omni-Channel Retailing Is Taking Over

While young people are increasingly turning to e-commerce where brand name and social media coverage are bigger pull factors, the older generation tend to value being able to touch and try out a product before purchasing. Hence, savvy retailers are turning to omni-channel retailing to reap the best of both worlds: having both a physical and online presence to cater to all walks of customers.

About Omni-Channel Retailing

As compared to multi-channel retailing – where retailers sell their products across multiple online platforms – omni-channel retailing involves both a physical store and an online platform. Integrating the shopping experience between the two, omni-channel retailing aims to bridge a connection between these platforms to increase the number of sites where customers can convert.

Besides that, when one platform is facing problems, the other can always be relied upon to ensure that the business is still bringing in profits, albeit reduced. For instance, when the COVID-19 pandemic sent various countries into lockdown, businesses with an online presence were still able to continue operations and bring in some profits. This highlights the importance of bringing products to where consumers are spending their time in order to increase sales and engagement.

A New Shopping Experience

What is omni-channel retailing all about, then? More than just a place where customers can purchase products and services, omni-channel retailing is about the shopping experience. Instead of being two separate places where you can get the same product, the magic of omni-market retailing is the ability to integrate these two experiences into a seamless, unique way of shopping.

Ask yourself this: have you ever looked up a product online, only to head down to the nearest physical store to try it out for yourself? If you answered yes, you have already been sucked into the overwhelming pull of omni-channel retailing.

Keeping the brand fresh in the customer’s mind with the understanding that no one shops exclusively online or in store, omni-channel retailing ensures that profit flows in from different sources. By positioning themselves to give the customer what they want, when they want it, businesses looking to become game changers can definitely benefit from omni-channel retailing.

Omni-Channel Distribution Solutions for Your Business

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