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Return & Reverse Logistics Management

Returns & Reverse Logistics at Best

Returns and Reverse Logistics is one of the largest challenges in e-commerce fulfillment. However an effective strategy can pay dividends to the customer experience and our client’s bottom lines. At Best we understand that every product has its own strategy, so we work with our client’s to tailor a returns process that is flexible and efficient for their needs. Our clients will receive information about their return, relevant information and are able to provide next steps before moving forward.

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What is Return and Reverse Logistics Management?

It is the process of moving goods from the end user back to the seller or manufacturer. The product may be returned because it does not fit the customer’s needs, or it has reached the end of its lifecycle. The product may either be resold to recapture value or to be disposed of permanently.

A well-planned, customized return and reverse logistics management process can drastically improve your business’s operations. This improves every single step of your firm’s supply chain management, creating a ripple effect to your firm’s business. For example, these services can reduce storage and distribution expenses, improve your firm’s reputation, satisfy customer needs and most importantly, increase revenue.

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How BEST Inc. Can Help

As a partner for our clients, we believe in delivering a great customer experience coupled with reliable performance so that our clients can focus on the growth of their business. Our in-house order management (OMS) and warehouse management systems (WMS) provide live data so that our client’s always have full visibility into their supply chains. In addition, all of our agreements come with a 99% guarantee on the accuracy of your orders and inventory. Our philosophy to partner with our clients continuously drives us to improve and look for ways to support our partners as they continue to grow.

Reach out today and learn about the Best difference.

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If you want to learn more about our expertise in return and reverse logistics management, do not hesitate to contact us today. You may call BEST Inc. at 626-626-7665 or send an email to