When Should You Start Employing Cross Docking Practices?

When Should You Start Employing Cross Docking Practices?

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  • 31/01/2021

If you have ever felt like your goods are taking too long to reach your clients, you may be looking to make a change to your supply chain management process. If so, have you considered cross docking practices? Designed to make the supply chain process as smooth and efficient as possible, a cross dock cuts out the number of stops made by goods as they travel from supplier to manufacturer and consequently, from manufacturer to customer. The goal is to minimize handling times and maximize efficiency. In this article, we share with you more about cross docking practices and why you should employ them.

Why Should You Start Employing Cross Docking Practices

How Cross Docking Works

As implied by its name, cross docking operations consist of a building that houses both inbound and outbound docks. Goods arrive via the inbound docks and are sorted out in the middle before being loaded onto an outbound vehicle at the other end of the building. Most goods that pass through these docks do not stay for longer than a few hours.

Why Employ Cross Docking Practices?

There are numerous benefits to employing cross docking practices for your business. Below are some of them:

  • Minimize the amount of handling your goods receive. Oftentimes, when a customer receives a damaged item, this damage was sustained at some point during the transit process. With less stops, the parcel goes through less handling, reducing the chances of a customer receiving damaged goods.
  • As many suppliers tend to be located within one region, employing cross docking practices can help you to consolidate inbound and outbound shipments, helping your business save on shipping costs. Many businesses often find that sending out a full truckload of shipments is not possible, and the result is that they make use of less than load shipments to save on cost. However, this means that shipments go through multiple facilities and receive more handling, which equates to a larger likelihood of damages.
  • Instead of loading and unloading numerous trucks, cross docking allows for one big shipment from multiple suppliers to be delivered at one go. This not only saves on resources and manpower, it also has the bonus of cutting down on carbon footprint.

Omni-Channel Distribution Solutions for Your Business

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